Ready, Steady, LAUNCH!

UK Detailing were recently asked to aid in the launch of a new car. Yes, on any day that's nice news, but became even more interesting when we were informed, under strict NDA, that we would be aiding in the London launch of the new Lamborghini Urus Supersport SUV!


Bentley 3l Tourer

  It’s not every day you get to work on one of the most awesome pieces of British engineering since Brunel said “hey, that end of Bristol needs to reach North Somerset on the other side of that gorge! Lets put a bridge there!”     Everything about these cars are unique and characterful, so …

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A Right Royal Restoration

We had the pleasure of restoring the interior on this 1977 Reilant Scimitar SE6A. Yes, she did own one of those – this was one of them. Having been historically subjected to a poor recolour, complete with brush marks and flaking topcoat, the current owner was keen to get the rare full leather upholstery back to a high standard, and repair some of the deep cracks which were blighting the leather’s surface. In addition to this, there were several small tears which would need addressing, before a complete recolour.